5 Most Badass Women on Television Right Now

Do you have the right idea about 5 most badass women on television? Well we will have a look at it here.

1. Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

Being the daughter of Zor-El and Alura, Kara Zor-EL was sent from Krypton that happened to be the dying plane. She followed her cousin, Kal-El and protect him. But it was seen that her pod got knocked off when Krypton exploded. She happens to be super fast, multilingual, that has X-Ray vision, heat vision…etc and all the other qualities possess by the Superman.



2. Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation Season 6)

Leslie Barbara Knope happens to be the protagonist of the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler portrays this fictional character. It is seen that Knope happens to be very cheerful, optimistic as well as ambitious. Although she is quite intelligent, she is seen to be naive at times too.

Parks and Recreation - Season 6


 3. Michonne ( The Walking Dead )

One of the central characters in AMC’s The Walking Dead is Michonne that possesses a keen sense of intuition and is something of a loner. Being a survivor she also happens to be seen as secretive as well as stubborn at the same time.




4 . Sarah Manning ( Orphan Black )

Sarah Manning happens to be the most important character of Orphan Black. Maslany has received several awards and accolades. Sarah happens to be a natural chameleon and a hustler.




5. Annalise Keating ( How to Get Away with Murder )

It was in the year 2015 that Annalise Keating was awarded in the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama for her portrayal of on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. Inside she is a saturated up to her neck but outside she is miss perfect. She is still a badass.


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Top 5 Indian Political Beautiful Women


In Indian politics you can find lots of beautiful women that looks glamorous. We will have a look at some of the Indian political beautiful women so that you can have a good idea about it.


Priyanka Gandhi Vadera

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is in of Indian political beautiful women that carries her gracefully on all occasions. The grand daughter of FerozeGandhi and Indira Gandhi, she is usually spotted in chic cotton sarees that makes her look stunning as well.








Sonia Gandhi

The Italian born Indian politician, Sonia Gandhi is always known for her subtle and fine fashion sense. She looks very smart and formidable with her trademark sarees that makes her stand tall.





















Priya Dutt

Priya Dutt is the daughter of Late Sunil Dutt and sister of actor Sanjay Dutta. She is 47 years old and is Lok Sabha MP from Mumbai North West. She has two lovely kids Siddharth and Sumair.



Shazia Ilmi

Another Indian politician that has got good beautiful face is Shazia Ilmi. Born in the year 1970, she anchored at Star News. It can also be mentioned that she was a spokesperson in the year 2011 and 2012 during India Against Corruption movement that was led by Anna Hazare. Initially she joined Aam Aadmi Party but later on she joined BJP.




The actor turned politician, Nagma has got the best looks. She is a real hard working political leader who campaigns in Uttar Pradesh as well as other parts of India as well.



Top 4 Beautiful wives of Indian Cricketers

Do you know that cricketers are not only known for their skills but are also admired for having beautiful wives as well? These “men in blue” defines glamour where their wives also add a lot of charm to their industry. So let us have a good look at some of the beautiful wives of Indian cricketer.

Ayesha Mukherjee

Ayesha Mukherjee happens to be the wife of cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. Although she is 12 years older than her husband, she looks gorgeous as well as stylish. The most interesting thing is that she is a mother of three as well!!



Natasha Jain Gambhir

Being childhood sweethearts, it was in the year 2011 that Gautam and Natasha tied the nuptial knot. They form a seriously charming couple that also makes them look stylish together. They are always seen together in parties and events as well.



Sushmita Roy

Manoj Tiwary is another cricketer who has got a beautiful and sweet looking wife, Sushmita Roy. It was through a common friend that they met each other and it proved to be love at first sight. Manoj likes her good natured personality apart from good looks of his wife. This was said in an interview and so they make the sweetest couple.


Dipika Pallikal

Another player with his beautiful wife is here!! It was in the squash player that the cricketer Dinesh Karthik found his love, Dipika Pallikal. They both look sweet together and make an uber cool pair.


3 Hottest Indian News Anchors

Have you noticed that there are some Indian news anchors that looks hot and beautiful. Well, let us have a look at some of the hottest Indian news anchors so as to get a good view of it in the perfect way.

Shaili Chopra

The award winning business news anchor, Shaili Chopra has got more than 12 years of experiences. She has got beautiful looks where it has been seen that she has anchored the primetime shows as well as interviews of famous personalities like George Soros, Christine Lagarde, Anshu Jain and so on. She was the one that anchored the live coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks from outside the Hotel Taj.





Nidhi Razdan

The primary anchor of NDTV 24×7, Nidhi Razdan has a face to die for. Not only this, she has got the best velvet voice along with excellent journalism skills as well. It was in the year 1999 that she joined NDTV and was soon promoted to a senior journalist. She has received Ramnath Goenka Award for her best work in the field of journalism.




Sagarika Ghose

Since the year 1991 Sagarika Ghose has been working as a journalist where she has been seen in Outlook magazine, The Times of India and The Indian Express. She has also received lots of awards in India for her perfect contribution to media. She has published two novels – The Gin Drinkers and Blind Faith in the year 1998 and 2006 respectively. She looks graceful and has got excellent verbal skills as well.


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